How can a state CM changes SEC?

How can a state CM changes SEC?

Well, all this began when Chief Minister Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy announced that there will be a local body election in Andhra Pradesh on 21st March. This announcement was a shock to the opposition party because they had no slight clue or a hint that there will be an election. By that time the ruling party announced the dates and the election code is already in place.

Meanwhile in India, the coronavirus positive cases are increasing in a steady phase. As time is so less, selecting candidates and announcing them is pretty hard for the opposition party. Meanwhile, the ruling party has a good plan, they selected the candidates and distributed the work equally to MLA's and MP's in their respective districts.

The local body elections are as important as the state elections, so both the ruling party and the opposition party took the matter seriously. These elections help parties to build their followers from the root level, show their power in respective villages and municipalities. But these elections are more important for the opposition as they can take back control of important municipalities and villages. "Which is not going to happen."

Telugu Desam Party Chief, Nara Chandara Babu Naidu feared that in this shortest time, he can able to concentrate on all villages and municipalities as they have only a few leaders left in the party.

Few MLA's who participated and lost in the election are not even picking up the calls of their leader because they need to spend money in the local body elections. So he somehow managed the state election commissioner to postpone the elections.

The reason to postpone elections is good but sec should contact the government with the decision he made. Hey come on don't you get angry when your subordinate cancels your plans without your permission. Some might say SEC doesn't work for the government as election commission is an independent body. Even though it's an independent body it can't spend money on the election, the government is. Still not convinced?  I can't do anything?

YSRCP took this matter to the high court and lost. Does anyone of you see a pattern here? Whenever the ruling party took an issue to the high court they are losing. They lost in Amaravati issue in council and local elections.  And not everything is going to their plan. I appreciate Mr.Naidu for this, he becoming a tough opposition leader. And even high court judges are helping him in every part of his plan.

Everyone thinks that this is because the ruling party is doing wrong and the opposition party is doing correctly. Not at all, it's because of the ruling party is not thinking like the opposition party. It's like you missed a piece in the chessboard thinking that it's too far to hurt me and the same piece is giving you the hard time in winning the game.

Eventually, the hard pieces are being removed slowly like cancelling the council, removing the State election commissioner and suspending the doctor for spreading false rumours about the PPE's in non-corona hospitals.

I am wondering how ex-sec is coping with the result of his actions. He is removed from the office, I don't think he is getting a position in this coronavirus situation any time soon. The leader he helped is the reason to lose his job in the first place. I don't think he is getting any help from this leader to solve his problem.

Ex-sec will not get any job in this government, he might better forward his resume to the central government for posting. Governor signed the ordinance to remove him for the office. That sign says that State government has central permission to remove him as sec.

Mr Naidu asked Revanth Reddy to buy an MLA's vote, he caught on camera bribing a Telangana MLA. Revanth Reddy went to jail for it. And again no answer or help form Naidu.

How did a sec help him knowing that he won't get any help from him when he is in trouble.  will the ex-sec get help in return?

Coming to appointing the new sec, can a state Chief Minister appoint a State Election Commissioner? This would be like appointing your own proctor in exams. Will this move be again challenged in the state high court?  Time is the Answer for this question.

Latest Update

A person named Yogesh has filed a case in Andhra Pradesh high court against the state government decision. The case is accepted by the High Court and to be reviewed on Monday the 13th of April.

In this time also the ex-sec didn't file a complaint against the ordinance issued by the AP government. Some random person filed it. I think Chandra Babu Naidu is behind it.

Let's see if my theory is correct about the cases in the high court against the government.

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