Will there be an extension in Lockdown in India?

Will there be an extension in Lockdown in India?

The lockdown will end in the next four days. Although the spreading of the Coronavirus has not decreased completely.

What is the situation if you lift the lockdown under these conditions? What is the central government thinking? 

The Centre for Home Affairs minister Kishan Reddy said to the media It was announced that even after May 3, stricter lockdown would be implemented. The lockdown has caused people to face many difficulties and the responsibility to save lives before it is on the central government.

He explained that lockdown is the only way to protect the country. He said the union government is inclined to continue the lockdown even after May 3. Some states are said to be inclined to continue the lockdown and some relax.

However, Kishan Reddy said that strict lockdown will be implemented in areas where the coronary virus effect is high. There are no exceptions in those areas. The reference is likely to be exempt in some green zones. He also clarified that the restrictions on public transport, shopping malls, cinema theatres, bars and restaurants will continue thereafter.

Image Credits:  Martin Sanchez

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