What can you expect form today's Modi speech?

What can you expect form today's Modi speech?

This is the fourth time since Prime Minister Modi addressed the nation during the coronavirus crisis. During his first speech, he urged the Indian citizens to stay indoors to fight this virus for one day.

The second time, he told there will be a nationwide strict lockdown for 3 weeks to contain the virus. The third and fourth time he extended the lockdown with certain ease in restriction in the orange and green zone.

Every time he comes to TV to address the nation he is either extending the lockdown or telling people to ring bells, light candle's. Modi's is being parsimonious to spend money on health care for people and to give money to state governments.

If the central government failed to help the state governments with suitable financial aid the states might go bankrupt soon. The tax income from alcohol, fuels and sales tax will not save the state governments. The poor and below middle-class will be affected the most. 

In today meeting you can expect the relaxation of a few services in the orange and green zone. If his heart is melted, we can expect a small number of financial packages to the hard-hit states. If not, as usual, this time also he suggests Indians citizens to eat immunity booster food and leaves.

Prime Minister Modi will be addressing the nation at 8 PM you can watch live here

Update: Prime Minister Modi announced a 20 Lakh Cores financial package to help Indian citizens.
The details of the financial package will be revealed by Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

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