Who is responsible for gas leak in Vizag?

In the early hours of 7th May, Styrene gas started to leak from one of the two storage tanks of a total capacity of 2K metric tonnes in LG polymers company in RR Venkatapurma village in Vishakapatnam.

At around 3:30 AM police control room got a call from the village about a pungent smell and it's causing suffocation to many people. After that people are starting to come out of the houses and rushing towards the safer places. By 7 o clock in the morning, the people are falling unconscious everywhere and few of them are admitted to the hospitals. For detail timeline of the event please visit Hindustan Times.

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh announced ₹10 Million for people who perished in this tragedy, ₹10 lakh each to those undergoing treatment on ventilator support and ₹25,000 to those who took treatment as out-patients after developing health complications due to inhalation of the styrene vapour. 

The gas leak victims undergoing treatment in various hospitals would be paid ₹one lakh each. The 15,000-odd population in the five villages that were affected by the gas leak would be paid ₹10,000 each.

It's almost 6 decades since the company started production in RR Venkatapuram. At the time of construction, the surrounding area is like a mini forest. As the city is growing, people started to move far away from the city to build houses for cheap. The Government officials sanctioned the permissions to build houses in that area.

The company must change it's surrounding area to an industrial area to safeguard its own life. Whatever reason the company can't do it. This step costs the lives of the villagers.

If the plant is being moved to another place, the costs for moving and the responsibility of the lost jobs should be accounted for.

Is this governments fault for giving the permissions to build the houses in that area. Or LG polymers negligence. Who is responsible for the lives lost in this accident?

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